Upcoming Retreats

September 7-9, 2018

Camp Reimagined! 

Held on the grounds of Skyland Camp for Girls, Camp Reimagined! is a dream! In fact, it's OUR dream that was created after listening to friends, moms, colleagues and clients tell us how badly THEY wanted to go to (or return to!) overnight summer camp. 

Camp Reimagined! is a perfect intersection of the summer camp you remember ... merged with the "grown-up camp" you want.

This is a perfect weekend for just you ... or for you and a group of friends.  You can expect to:

Relax - knowing that every...single...detail will be managed by Skyland's attentive staff. The only decision you need to make is "horseback riding or archery?"

Enjoy - the company of other like-minded and like-hearted women who seek to re-treat, re-fresh and re-store mind, body and spirit.

Explore - the outdoors ... your inner landscape, your creative side, your sleep-in side, your custom-latte side, your riding a horse, shooting a bow and arrow, your creative sides.  

This is an all-inclusive, one-weekend retreat where you will experience Camp Reimagined!  What does that mean? 

Well, imagine an established camp, active for more than 100 years, complete with turn-of-the-century Victorian Hotel (still in use as the main lodge at camp). Think cabins ... barns ... bunks ... pool ... archery ... horses and s'mores.

Now imagine that same setting reinterpreted by designers who love this mission. Think creative spaces ... the coziest of beds (with super comfy linens, of course) ... and healthy gourmet foods prepared by our specially selected chef. 

Think frothy lattes in the morn ... fun and refreshing activities during the day ... and cocktails as the moon rises.  PLUS ... playful and fun activities to explore that may inspire you in fun and unexpected ways!

Massage sessions available for additional fee. (discounted spa-rates apply!) 

Premium Lodging options are available for groups of 5-8 campers.

Commit today to this getaway that will leave you refreshed, restored and ready to take on the next chapter of your life. 

Special 2018 registration price will save $250!  This all-inclusive value is more than $920.

Pay just $670 for the weekend that will leave you saying "when is next year's retreat?  Get me registered!"


September 14-16, 2018

Connect with Horse. Connect with Heart. Connect with You:  A Skyland Equine Weekend 

If you've been feeling curious about what humans can learn from horses about mindfulness, leadership, intention and joy, this is the perfect weekend for you! 

Hosted by Kay Anderson, Skyland Equine, and the Skyland Retreat team, this weekend offers seminars in equine facilitated learning ... in a summer camp setting.  

Through carefully planned programming, participants will explore the horse-human connection, learn how authentic interaction makes a difference in relationships, and discover mindfulness techniques that can be used in any environment or work space "back home."

This is a perfect weekend if you are: 
  • Navigating a shift in your work, family or personal life
  • Seeking a way to slow down (and still keep up!) in our ever-changing fast-paced world
  • Curious about what humans can learn from horses about mindfulness, leadership, intention and joy.
In this rich 3-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Unplug ... and reconnect with your self, with nature, with like-hearted women, and wisdom-filled horses.
  • Enjoy soul nourishing food that satisfies your mind, body and spirit.
  • Discover ways to identify joy-in-the-moment bliss, with just one simple technique. 
  • Identify leadership skills that can be immediately implemented, and that can have radical results, with family, colleagues and and customers.  

What to expect:

Food - Skyland's specially selected chef will create meals that nourish the mind, body and spirit. Prepared with carefully selected organic ingredients from local farmers and markets, the culinary team will provide mostly-vegan dishes that will decorate your plate, and delight your palate.

Sleep - You will doze off to sleep on Skyland's screened-in sleeping porches, in the comfiest of beds and under cozy fluffy bedding ... while listening to nature's outdoor sounds.

Nature - Reconnect with your tranquil side as you meander along Skyland's Tranquility Trail. You will smell the rich forest growth, witness nature's beauty, and will be mesmerized by the shades of green that exist on your way to the
creekside sitting area to spend a few minutes, or hours, reconnecting with your self and nature.

Horses - The schedule has been created to provide equine learning seminars that support personal growth, create opportunities for new awareness, and will allow you to reconnect with your inner wisdom. Your weekend equine team includes experts from across the country who are experts in their fields. Through partnership with horse, you may discover new passions, ignite new interests, or shift direction to begin realizing unfulfilled dreams. 

Create and Play - The weekend schedule provides time specially reserved for creative pursuits and play!  Spend time creating art projects, relax by the pool, get in a game of tennis, head to the archery range, hike along Tranquility Trail or more. 

Vibrations will shift. Lives will transform. And fun will be had! You won't want to miss this soul-supporting weekend!

The value of this all-inclusive equine experience is $1120. Special 2018 pricing provides savings of $350 through August 1, or until spaces are filled.

Pay just $670 for the weekend that will restore your soul, expand your mind and refresh your spirit. Register soon